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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to all the common questions we receive.

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What is an anime cel ?

An anime cel or anime production cel is a unique drawing used to create an anime.

Before 2005, many animes, used this technique to be produced. 

Today, animes are made by computer.

Can the cel gain value ?

Anime cels are real pieces of art. They were made by or under the direction of known artists.

Their rarity make them valuable collectibles.

Each one is unique.

Nowadays, animes aren't made anymore with paintings but with computer increasing value.

Recent sells show prices are increasing and breaking records : Read article.

How prices are fixed ?

Prices are established on several criteria. Mainly, the rarity of the anime. A show that has many episodes will be less expensive than a movie. The fame of the author. For example, Miyazaki's work is more valued than other authors. The importance of the character shown in the scene. The size of the elements in the cel.

How much anime cels can I buy ?

Each anime cel for sell on the website is unique. You can only buy one. 

This means there is no more than one in stock.

Can I come to see directly the cels ? proposes a showroom service where you can see the cels, their condition...

The show room is in Paris (France). You need to ask for an appointment.

What is a Genga and a Douga ?

A Genga is a drawing with notes. Usually made by the lead animator of the scene.

A Douga is a drawing showing the exact replica of the scene (no notes on it).

Both Gengas and Dougas add value to the cel when sold together.

Last Internet

Last internet auction sells saw prices go very high.

For example, a cel from the anime "My Neighbor Totoro" from Miyazaki was sold for 6.300.000 yens (45.500 Euros) on Mandarake website.

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